Thursday, June 01, 2006

Virgin Mobile Offers Cellphone Talking Time For Watching Commercials

Virgin Mobile USA is announcing a program called SugarMama that will enable people to earn minutes of talking time by watching 30 seconds of commercials on a computer. Customers may opt to receive text messages on their phones instead of watching ads on the computer, and they will have to answer a set of questions to prove that they paid attention to these ads.

The American company is trying to reach the teenagers with this program, who can earn up to 75 minutes of free talk time per month. Virgin has signed up three advertisers: Pepsi, Microsoft's Xbox game console and an antismoking campaign called Truth.

Customers who want to use SugarMama must visit the Virgin Web site to sign up. They must agree to take part in one of three ways: by watching short video clips online, filling out questionnaires or receiving text messages on their phones.The company claims that the program is the first ad-supported cellphone service in the United States, and that will be available starting from June 14.


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