Thursday, June 01, 2006

Retailers List Half-Life 2 for Xbox 360

If the websites of EB Games and Gamestop are to be believed, then it looks like Half-Life 2 could be coming to the Xbox 360 in 2007.

The two recently merged game retailers have added a listing for Half-Life 2 on the Xbox 360, an example of which can be seen here. The release date of the game is shown as 5 Febuary 2007 and the price is US$59.99.

The game has already been ported from the PC to the original Xbox, and when asked to comment on the issue, Value told IGN, "We've only announced development for 360, no specific titles to reveal just yet, but folks can expect to hear more before the end of this year."

It's not a confirmation, but likewise it's not a denial. If indeed the popular shooter does make an appearance on the Xbox 360, it would be interesting to see what sort of downloadable content is made available on the Xbox Live Marketplace in order to spark some new life into this 2 year old title. We can only wait and see.


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