Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dell includes Skype with new laptops

VoIP company Skype managed to strike a deal with the top PC maker, Dell, that will see the PC manufacturer ship Skype software with a range of new laptops. The announcement comes as Dell unveils a new range of performance laptops carrying the XPS tag.

Skype will be supplied with both the XPS M1210 and the XPS M2010 laptops, which both sport an integrated webcam and microphone. As far as Skype is concerned, the inclusion of its software on the machines finishes off the functionality needed to make VoIP calls and also complements the machine's hardware.

This latest move by Skype is the latest in a number of aggressive moves to try to establish itself better in the VoIP market and in the face of growing competition.

Read more at CNET.


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