Thursday, June 01, 2006 launches Blog and Feed Search has had to make some changes to its web site due to the stiff competition it has encountered with some of the other search engine companies such as - Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo etc which has made to take a progressive approach. has gone ahead and has made their site more appealing both in the appearance as well as the feature department as they have added a lot of interesting tools that will make searching much easier.

Some of the awesome features included in this site are -
  • Advanced Web Search - Know exactly what you are looking for on the Web? Use the advanced web search tool to include specifics about your search and get precisely what you are looking for.
  • Binoculars Site Preview - Get to what you're searching for faster! Just point your mouse on the Binoculars icon and a preview of the site will appear, saving you time and the hassle of clicking through search results to get what you want.
  • Dictionary Search - Need to know the definition or pronunciation of a word, origin of a word or just a new word altogether? Quickly search the online dictionaries, encyclopedias and thesauri for the information you need.

Moving a step ahead has added a Blogs and Feed tab to its Internet search tools menu and to more thoroughly integrate its search engine with its online news aggregation site, Bloglines.

The other guys are taking their eyes off the ball,” says Daniel Read,’s VP of consumer products and user experience, referring to efforts by the major search engines to promote services unrelated to search. “We believe what we’ve come up with is truly industry leading search.”

The reason we’re getting into blog search,” says Read, “is it’s the fastest growing content type on the Web.”

Ask Blog & Feed Search lets users query three distinct categories: blog posts, RSS feeds, and a selection of around 7,000 news sources. It allows queries to be sorted using additional criteria including date, popularity, or a combination of the two. This can be particularly useful for locating recent blog posts.

At the same time, Ask is adding features that may help drive more traffic to blogs. The addition of "Subscribe" and "Post To" links to Ask's search results page should encourage searchers to sign up for more RSS feeds and to contribute more links to news aggregation services like Bloglines, Digg, and Newsvine.

There's also a new list of top Blog & Feeds queries in the past hour, for those who have to know what other bloggers have on their minds.


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