Thursday, June 01, 2006

AMD Unveils AMD Live

In the search for more revenue and more opaque product goals and lines, whereby the maker of a thing--albeit an important thing--within the machine attempts to dictate to the world how something should be, we find AMD jumping on the bandwagon with its "AMD Live!(tm) PC."
The AMD LIVE! PC (referred to at various times in its press release using different cases) is summarized here:
  • The AMD LIVE! PC and AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite represent the culmination of industry-leading companies collaborating around open standards to deliver compelling entertainment solutions... With the AMD LIVE! PC, AMD begins delivering on its vision for merging broadcast TV content with interactive, personalized broadband applications and services, all without disrupting the devices already accepted and used by consumers in their homes today.

Now, I'm all for devices such as this, and I'm all for companies coming up with uses for AMD's chips, interconnect technology, and even its suggestion. What I don't get is this big push by Intel (with its VIIV) and AMD (with its LIVE) into this cross-product attempt. Why is it that AMD and Intel are doing this? I mean, the AMD press release reads like a "What's What" of how system designers should do a particular thing, regardless of what the consumers might actually want or be given a choice of having.

Read more in AMD's Press Release.


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