Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Windows Vista a Security Concern

Christopher Null from Yahoo! Tech reports that the upcoming version of Windows named "Vista" will cause major problems for users of existing security software. If you are a user who use VPN to connect to your corporate office, Vista's newly remodeled settings is likely to have compatibility issues because of Vista's new approach to its security architecture.

As per the article, "Not only the vendors, but the customers that have [authentication systems] already deployed are going to go through a lot of pain," says one ISV who asked not to be named. "We knew there were going to be changes, but we didn't know there would be wholesale changes."

When we talk about Vista since it is the next version of Windows, overall it should have much better security architecture, so that users using old security software would not have the need to do an upgrade or have any compatibility issues but that’s not the case with Vista.

However as of right now if you are someone who uses VPN on a regular basis, a good piece of advice will be to wait and not do an upgrade to the latest OS. If you do have to upgrade your machine based from an IT stand point see if you can hold of the upgrade for a while.

Change in Microsoft Vista security system promises Windows migration headaches [Yahoo Tech!]


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