Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Windows Media Player 11 available for download

This is for Windows only: Microsoft has released the updated version of Windows Media Player v11. This new version of Windows Media Player is very flashy as it features a new black skin. Microsoft has also integrated album art into most the songs (If you are into grouping songs by album art, like me).

Some of the noteworthy features included in Windows Media Player 11 are -

  • Stacking - With stacking, you can see graphically how many albums you have in a specific category of music. The more items you see in a stack (category), the larger the pile. Categories for stacks include genre, artist, and album.
  • WordWheel - Digital music collections are getting larger and larger. With a large collection comes that first inevitable memory lapse. Believe it or not, there will come a time when you can't remember the name of an album, the artist, or the name of the song you want to hear. So Media Player 11 offers a way to instantly find exactly what you want.
  • Back and Forward Buttons - The new Back and Forward buttons do just what you'd expect them to do. They make using the player more Internet-like, and offer a simple way to browse the interface or return to something you were doing, viewing, or listening to earlier.
  • New CD-burning features - How much space is left on the CD you plan to burn to and whether you have enough room for one more track has always been a guessing game. Worse is creating the ultimate playlist only to find that it won't fit on the CD. With the new Burning Progress Bar in Media Player 11, that's over. The bar is a graphic representation of how much space is left on the CD. The progress bar gets longer as songs are added to the playlist. When the bar reaches the end of the graphic, the disk is full.
  • URGE - The line between what's on your PC, a plugged-in portable device, a CD, or network computers, and what's obtained from the Internet is seamless and invisible to the user. This integration will forever change the way music lovers experience music. URGE will change it, too. URGE is a new MTV music service that lives right below your personal music library. It, along with everything else, is seamlessly integrated. With URGE, you can purchase and download individual tracks or purchase a music subscription. And you can use all of the cool new Media Player 11 features with URGE just as you can with your own music; you can stack, use WordWheel, navigate in various ways, and more.

Screenshots -

Windows Media Player 11 Beta [Microsoft]


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