Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Whats on your USB drive?

Ask Metafilter has a thread where people can post on what information or application do they keep on their USB drive.

It gives a good idea as to why people use their USB drive for.

Here are what some users had to say -
  • a copy of my design portfolio, PDF resume, and a printable page of business cards, so if I'm out I can print temporary ones at any Kinkos.
  • Copies of my favorite workhorse fonts, so that no matter what machine i'm using, i can get to them.
  • a folder full of code snippets - html, xml, php, ajax, javascrip, flash actionscript - so i can always find the code that does that thing...
  • backups of whatever design/web jobs i'm working on at the time. can't hurt to have an extra copy just in case.

There are numerous other reasons to, check them out.

What is on your USB memory stick?


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