Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ways Budgeting Can Improve Your Life's Dads and Grads page has written a post on the 12 ways that budgeting can improve your daily life.

  • A budget can help you meet your savings goals. It includes a mechanism for setting aside money for savings and investments.
  • Following a realistic budget frees up spare cash so you can use your money on the things that really matter to you instead of frittering it away on things you don't even remember buying.

All the 12 reasons have beneficial effects if followed in the proper way. There are times when I follow a very strict budget, I actually feel good that I am doing something right “saving money” rather than going out and spending money on something I already have. Moreover budgeting helps you save for something you want to buy (It might be a house, car, Xbox360 or something else).

In order to live life and have fun budgeting should be something that should be followed on a daily basis.

12 Reasons Budgeting Can Improve Your Life


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