Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Visual Tour of Office 2007 Beta 2

ComputerWorld has posted a review as well as a visual tour of the newest Office 2007 installment. What are some of the major improvements in this version? No more toolbars & menus; those have been replace with 'ribbons.' Most of changes have been included in the Word application. Styles are easier to invoke, but much difficult to create or understand. A couple of other noteworthy features that have been included are the ability to save as PDF and XPS and an improved Track Changes. Bigger spreadsheets are available in Excel over 1 million rows and over 16,000 columns per worksheet. Lot of new features has been added to Outlook including multiple calendars and direct support for RSS feeds. And the apps all work together better than before.

As per the article: 'The major change in Beta 2 was the introduction of Office SharePoint Server.' This means that Sharepoint Server is required, but it also means more & better collaboration and advanced search abilities are supported."


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