Friday, May 19, 2006

Use your iPod as a Regular Hard Drive

For people who own an iPod but don't know if iPod can be used to store various files acting as your portable Hard Drive. It is true iPods can be used a regular hard drive to store files.

Here's how to do it: Install iTunes and connect your iPod. Assuming you use Windows (as Sarath later told me), click Edit > Preferences > iPod. Here, put a check mark next to "Enable disk use."That's it! Your iPod will now appear in Windows Explorer and can be used just like any external hard drive, giving you a great way for one device to do double duty as a music player and a storage system. Just remember that to manage your music you still need to use iTunes, of course.

If you change your mind later, just follow the same instructions and uncheck "Enable disk use." It's that easy.

[via: Yahoo Tech]


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