Thursday, May 25, 2006

Toshiba launches 2 GB miniSD memory card

Toshiba announced the launch of a new memory capacity for miniSD memory cards--a format typically used by cellphones for music and photo storage. The new 2 GB miniSD card is also capable of being used in standard SD slots with an adapter.

Previous to this announcement, the highest capacity miniSD card offered by Toshiba was 1 GB. The new 2 GB card is capable of writing at speeds of 5 MB/s and supports CPRM copyright protection. The card is expected to be available in June of this year and will retail for US$109.99.

As mobile devices expand their photo and music capabilities, more storage will be needed. As convergence continues to happen among digital cameras, cellphones, and portable music players, you can bet that memory card capacities will follow suit. I'm continually amazed to read about cellphones with greater storage capacity than my first IBM compatible PC, which had a hard drive of 40 MB.

Read more from the Toshiba press release.


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