Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A techies experience interviewing with Google

For most of us Techies "Google" is heaven, a place where we would like to see ourselves working someday. Google a company that offer so much to their employees in terms of benefits like - Company stock, the ability to work on your personal projects by spending 20% from your work time, also offering free luncheons, drinks etc. However there are a lot of people who think Google is not the place for them. Here is a look at how it is to interview with the software giant. Peter Abilla was contacted for a position in Google's print team. After two days of grueling interviews--11 in all, and with free Google goodies--and a couple of weeks' looking forward to a good offer, Peter had to decline as the offer wasn't what he had expected.

Peter's whole experience was what I find shocking, as he mentions that the HR folks did not look happy to be working at GOOGLE.
  • the people i met were nice, very bright, and focused on their work. several of them complained to me about their frustrations. i thought that was interesting. i declined because of the iffy-ness of a contractual job (though the cash would be very good); the high cost of the bay area wasn’t appealing to me; and, the future of the print effort seemed unsure to me. those were my reasons. now, back to the google interview below…

All this makes me realize no matter where you work, there is always someone who is dissatisfied.



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