Friday, May 19, 2006

Symantec sues Microsoft

Symantec is trying to put the breaks on an already-delayed Microsoft Windows Vista. Symantec sued Microsoft yesterday, seeking unspecified damages and demanding MS pull Symantec's storage technology from a swath of Microsoft products, such as Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and "Longhorn" Windows Server. While we await what promises to be a bitter court battle, we might all temporarily file Vista under Vaporware.

The case centers on a 1996 bilateral agreement that granted Microsoft the right to Veritas Software's volume management technology in its Windows NT product. According to Symantec, the agreement did not allow for Microsoft to use the Veritas technology to compete with the smaller company. Symantec is not practicing some kind of a small company outreach; it purchased Veritas for US10.2 billion last year.

Symantec claims Microsoft swiped Veritas technology and even duped the U.S. Patent Office into believing MS owned the tech. "Microsoft was so bold as to file fraudulent documents with the U.S. government, claiming stake to certain Veritas inventions," according to Symantec court documents.

Microsoft says it has every right to use the Veritas technology because of the previous agreement. "These claims are unfounded because Microsoft actually purchased intellectual property rights for all relevant technologies from Veritas in 2004," according to Microsoft. "The contract ultimately gave Microsoft the option to buy out the rights to Veritas' code and intellectual property."

The companies have clashed over the rights to Veritas since 2004.

For more, please see the IDG News Service article .


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