Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sony unveils the new PS3 controller

At E3, Sony appears to be full of surprises, because in addition to the recent announcement of the official PS3 release dates and pricing structure we now know what to expect from the PS3 controller.

At the Sony press conference, the new controller for the PlayStation 3 was unveiled for all the world to see, and at first the crowd was a little stunned. Looking nothing like the "boomerang" prototype image that circulated around the Internet and appearing more like the PS2 Dual-Shock controller, onlookers were wondering just what was so exciting about the new controller. Let's just say the Nintendo Wii isn't the only motion sensing controller any more.

In addition to larger L2/R2 keys and its rechargeable wireless Bluetooth technology, the new PS3 controller features a "high-precision, highly sensitive six-axis sensing system." This new sensing system will allow PS3 owners to control compatible titles by directing the controller's pitch, roll, and yaw in their hands by tilting the controller. Sony also said, "In addition to standard key input available in existing controllers, more natural and more intuitive play will become possible as if the controller has become part of your body."

One thing noticeably absent, however, for the new PS3 controller will be the vibration feedback functionality. Sony denies the lack of the vibration functionality has anything to do with the litigation filed by Immersion Corporation ), but says vibration interferes with the axis sensing system.

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