Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Smartshirt by Sensatex goes Beta

Sensatex, a creator of integrated smart textile systems, announced the Beta unveil of their SmartShirt System.

This shirt enables you to remotely monitor a person's movement who is wearing the shirt, heart rate, respiration rate in real-time through a patented nanotechnology conductive fiber grid that is integrated into the material of this shirt.

The SmartShirt interfaces with wireless communication systems using ZigBee technology so that data can be transmitted to virtually any back-end system.

Some of the uses for this SmartShirt would be for monitoring patients in hospitals, elderly folks, training support for athletes, hazard materials workers, and soldiers in the field.

Testing for this shirt will begin later this year.

Details on this available on the Press release and on the Sensatex's site [via I4U News]


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