Friday, May 19, 2006

Scotland teachers plan on banning iPods

As crazy as this sounds teachers in Scotland are against students using iPods, on the other hand more and more schools in the United States are encouraging their students to use Ipods on a daily basis for lectures as well as means of storing files. In a recent union meeting school teachers protested against placing a ban against iPods, however the ban does not stop there. They are protesting against a ban that should be placed on mobile phones, makeup, and other technology devices. This is what the president of the school board had to say at a recent meeting:

  • No-one needs games or musical gadgets. Rather than spending money on an iPod or a make-up bag for their children, parents would do better to give them a pencil case.

Well the president wants his young pupils to learn, but is this a good way of teaching. You are taking away things that have become a necessity in everyday life; moreover more and more schools are adopting these technologies in everyday teaching.

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