Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Schedule automatic downloads of your favorite shows

BitTorrent is both the name of a peer-to-peer (P2P) file distribution client application and also the name of the file sharing protocol itself, both of which were created by programmer Bram Cohen. BitTorrent is designed to widely distribute large amounts of data without incurring the corresponding consumption in costly server and bandwidth resources. CacheLogic suggests that BitTorrent traffic accounts for 35% of all traffic on the Internet.

That being said most of us are familiar with how BitTorrents works and the ease with which you can go to a Torrent web site and download songs and movies of your choice. However there is a downside to the downloading process, you have to physically sit in front of your computer, select which shows you would like to download and then start the downloading process (It's painful right!!).

Lifehacker has gone through some pain and has provided you with how you can schedule the download of your favorite shows without having to sit long hours in front of your PC. If you are familiar with Azureus and ĀµTorrent this will feel like a breeze (If you're not familiar don't worry), just follow along.

The method described in this post relates to the download of open source torrent episode downloader, Ted which absolutely free.

  1. Subscribing to pre-loaded shows
  2. Creating custom TV torrent feeds for Ted
  3. Legal television shows on BitTorrent?

The whole post is explained in full detail.

Hack Attack: Automatically download your favorite TV shows [Lifehacker]


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