Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Save The Planet RECYCLE Your GADGETS

Throwing away toxic waste as well as technology gadgets can have serious effects on the environment. Now days more and more companies are urging you not to through away any technology gadgets, rather they as well as other recycling organizations are pleading you to recycle them and save some green.

According to Gina Hughes California's Integrated Waste Management Board (, electronics should not be disposed of with regular garbage. Try selling or donating your unused gadgets to the less fortunate by finding an organization equipped to do so. Take a look at this list to find a recycle center near you.

Tech Companies with Recycling Programs:
  • Apple Recycles program recycles your old equipment for a $30 fee that includes shipping. Cupertino residents recycle free.
  • Dell Recycling recycles your old PC and monitor at no cost when you buy a new Dell computer.
  • HP rewards you with up to $50 towards your next purchase when you recycle your old computer hardware.
  • Motorola will pay you $3.00 per phone (any brand) you recycle from now until May 31,2006.
  • Verizon Wireless' Hope Line program collects wireless phones from any provider to refurbish and donate them to victims of domestic abuse.
Hope after reading this post you will make a wise decision and donate your unused gadgets.


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