Thursday, May 04, 2006

Samsung t509 goes to T-Mobile

At the CTIA Wireless 2006 trade show in April, Samsung showed off a slim phone, which it claimed to be the slimmest bar phone for the U.S. market. Now, it seems the Samsung t509 has found a home with T-Mobile, which will offer the phone exclusively. It's probably safe to say that the phone is slim, considering its only 9.8 mm.

The phone has EDGE connectivity, supports Bluetooth wireless technology, and features a 1.9-inch display. It sports an integrated camera, a speakerphone, and Hi-Fi Ringers. The Samsung t509 will be complimented in the T-Mobile lineup by the t809 slider phone, which is less than 15 mm wide.

The Samsung t509 will retail for US$49.99 after an instant discount online and a mail-in rebate. That's not a bad price considering how thin the phone is and the features it offers. The Samsung t509 is a nice addition to T-Mobile's lineup, which includes the "razor" thin RAZR phone. For those who want thin, but don't want a flip phone, the Samsung t509 is a nice choice.

Read more from the T-Mobile press release and the T-Mobile website.


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