Thursday, May 04, 2006

Running with a sweatshirt on is it a good idea?

Running is a complex, coordinated motion which involves the entire body. Every human being runs somewhat differently, but certain general features of the running motions are common. However many people have asked this before "Is running with a sweatshirt on a good thing"?

Here is the answer -

It would be logically correct to get rid of the sweatshirt. Since it would be heating your core temperature more by wearing that then it might speed up the calorie burning process but I would think it would be an insignificant amount. It definitely will not make you get in shape any faster. Moreover wearing a sweatshirt in warm weather will start to get your body into "overheating" phase , depending on how long and hard you workout and wearing a sweatshirt also makes you lose water faster. The only time it makes sense to do this would be if you were a boxer or wrestler trying to make weight, thats why they spend time in the sauna. I would just suggest a good old loose-fitting cotton sleeveless shirt or T-shirt (or underarmor if your into that) , a pair of shorts.


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