Monday, May 01, 2006

Rhode Island wants state-wide Wi-Fi network

In the wake of cities pushing to build municipal Wi-Fi networks, Rhode Island is looking to achieve an even greater goal, hoping to become the first state to have a wireless network that reaches border to border. Of course, this goal is made a little more realistic by the fact that Rhode Island is America's smallest state.

Rhode Island has embarked upon a US$20 million dolar project called "Rhode Island Wireless Innovation Networks" (RI-WINs). The wireless network is expected to blanket the state (about 1,045 square miles) with wireless service by 2007, with work kicking off this month. The service will be a combination of WiMAX and Wi-Fi technologies, with minimum speed at 1Mbps.

Size can be an advantage or disadvantage, and in this case being the smallest state in the United States is a great advantage; for instance, 120 antennas should handle all the coverage. It's good to see the state making the most out of that fact.

Read more from Reuters.


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