Thursday, May 25, 2006

Prevent Web Browsing Using Internet Explorer

Web browsing management can be a daunting task for a parent or for a company. You always want your child or your employees to adhere to the rules of browsing and not to surf off to a restricted site. However in the real world that’s not the case, children surf to sites that they are not supposed to and so do employees even though they know they are at work. WikiHow has come up with a tool that will allow you to control their browsing content, it's very easy to setup.

Here is what you have to do, with the use of a simple control tool included free with Windows: Content Advisor you can control the surfing content of your children and your employees.

Follow along -

  1. Ensure that you have Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) installed.
  2. Open IE's Internet Options menu item under Tools.
  3. Choose the Content tab and click on the Enable button.
  4. Select filter settings for the categories shown: Language, Nudity, Sex, Violence. The further right you push the slider, the more content is allowed.

For the rest you have to read the following -

How to Restrict Web Browsing Using Internet Explorer [wikiHow]


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