Monday, May 08, 2006

Predictions for the upcoming E3

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) an expo designed to cover the newest games and devices by various top notch companies, which are going to hit the market in coming months. Over the past couple of weeks there has been a media frenzy of all the latest games that will be unveiled at the Expo, companies like (Microsoft, Activision, Atari, THQ etc) will be launching new games with better resolution, graphics as well as many company will be unveiling their newest gaming devices at E3.

ExtremeTech has gone further and has made an analysis on what they think might happen at this years E3 Expo.

  1. Wii Trumps PS3 - Yes, it's a dumb name. But it's a smart dumb name, because it's generated a huge upwelling of opinions. Now, nearly the entire world knows that Nintendo will be shipping a new game console called Wii. That's smart marketing, even if you don't like the name.
    Be that as it may, there's a good chance that the Wii will generate more buzz than Sony's PlayStation 3 this year. Part of this is attributable to "PS3 ennui." After all, people have been talking about the PS3 for over a year now. On top of that, Sony trots out fairly unimpressive demos and makes grand pronouncements in a series of obvious attempts to counter Microsoft's Xbox 360.
  2. Microsoft's Cold War with Itself Continues - It's unstated, and you'll never get anyone from Microsoft to admit to this publicly. But Xbox group and the PC folks are competing with each other. Of course, given the huge marketing budget for the Xbox 360, it's "winning" the war. But the Games for Windows people are nothing if no, er, game. They are trying to generate buzz for upcoming titles, though whoever came up with the lame idea that Halo 2 would be a great Vista-only title should be taken out to the woodshed.

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