Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Play MP3s from Your Home Stereo

At this point in the technology era, most of you probably already own a MP3 player to play music, or some of you may prefer to download music to computer and listen to MP3 beats, what ever way is convenient for you. However if you are looking for a third player: one that connects to your home stereo to fill in that gap. Take a look at what this has to offer, Yahoo! Tech has prepared some tips on how to achieve this.

You can listen to tunes coming out of your home stereo in several of the following ways:
  • Your computer is an MP3 player - connect it to your stereo.
  • Connect your portable MP3 player to your home stereo.
  • Hook up an FM transmitter to the back of your MP3 player and a receiver to your home stereo's input jacks.

Connect your computer to your home stereo -

To improve the sound, ditch the tinny speakers and connect your computer to your home stereo. Just run the right-sized wires between the right places to turn your computer into a mighty combination MP3/audio CD player. These two points will speed you on your way:

Playing MP3s through Your Home Stereo


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