Tuesday, May 16, 2006

PC Maintenance: Clean Your Keyboard

Keyboards - There are times when you as well as I who have dropped something like (dirt, potato chips, pop, coffee, water etc) that seeps through the spaces between keys and falls inside the keyboard. However this can hinder the effective movement of the keys and can stop your keyboard from working.

Yahoo! Tech has a very informative how to on cleaning your keyboard.

  1. Shut down your computer and disconnect the keyboard.
  2. Turn the keyboard upside down and use compressed air to blow debris from in between the keys.
  3. Try this if you are experiencing sticky keys - If you have sticky keys, or just want to perform a more thorough cleaning, you'll have to remove the keyboard keys. A key can be pried off of the keyboard by applying a gentle, even force to its bottom edge. Prying on both sides of a key at the same time works best.

PC Preventive Maintenance: Clean Your Keyboard


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