Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Opera Mini 2.0 released for non-smartphones

Opera Mini was opened up to all back in December, now Opera has unveiled Opera Mini 2.0 which is now available.

Opera Mini 2.0 adds support for mobile commerce via SMS, ability to download images, MP3s, and more directly to the phone. It also includes some new skins, speed dial bookmarks, and advanced searching functionality, with more search engines added to the home page. Opera Mini is designed for those who do not carry a smartphone, so they can get a full Web experience on the go without paying for a full-featured device.

You can download Opera Mini 2.0 directly to your phone by using your phone's WAP browser and visiting or receive the download via text messaging by using the code available on the Opera Mini SMS site. There is a small fee for using the SMS method.


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