Friday, May 26, 2006

Nokia offers browser code to Open Source community

Nokia announced it released its Web Browser for S60 to the Open Source community. Nokia is making the S60 WebKit source code available under the terms of the Open Source BSD License. Developers will be able to download the source code from the WebKit Open Source Project website.

Nokia said the S60 WebKit source code has enhancements that will allow the browser to be easily ported to different mobile platforms. The Web Browser for S60 is based on components of Apple's Safari browser. Nokia hopes the release of its S60 WebKit source code will encourage broad adoption of an Open Source browser across the mobile industry.

Adoption of an Open Source browser among the mobile community is a nice goal, and Nokia is definitely doing its part to help that endeavor by offering up its own source code. Meanwhile, Nokia is also ensuring that if an Open Source browser is adopted that Nokia will at least have had an opportunity to contribute significantly to it.

Read more from the Nokia press release.


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