Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nintendo's final version of it's Wii controller

Nintendo which never show cased the controller for its next generation console named “Revolution” which has been changed to “Wii” has unveiled what will be the final controller for the Wii. Here is a quick examination of this Wii controller, and how it makes Nintendo so darn better than the rest of the pack. This new version of the controller unveiled by Nintendo on Tuesday comes equipped with a built in speaker system. Moreover this controller has a Bluetooth wireless which is quite a bit heavier than the light remotes we are used to. As for how the remote operates, it is managed by a sensor within the remote, in conjunction with a sensor bar that will be located on top of your television. Also with the amount of less buttons present on the remote and the censor it will make configuring as well as playing with the remote quite a headache. However I will keep you posted on how the Wii controller works as I get more information.

[via: Engadget]


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