Monday, May 08, 2006

Needs help call Tech Support

"Tech Support: How can I help you", that’s what they are supposed to say and do. But do they really go the extra mile to solve a customer complaint. According to the WSJ only 55% of users who have computers were able to contact customer support and were able to solve their problem. For the rest (15%) it was mere frustration till they got to a point where they stopped calling customer support. Users who owned Compaq computers were the least satisfied with their customer support, HP came in after where only 38% of user problems where solved (This figure comes in after HP said that it provides one of the best customer support). To my surprise "Apple Computers" came in at the #1 spot (Great job) as most of its users where happy that they owned an Apple Mac, as they solved 76% of customer problems. So what should an unhappy customer do? Or is it the Tech Support who should be blamed for this? The answer is and always (only in some cases) the user (Yes that’s the truth). However certain customers, who were not able to get their computer problems fixed after being on the phone with customer support, later were able to fix it themselves.


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