Friday, May 26, 2006

Motorola Q gets an A+

PC Magazine a place where you can find in-depth reviews and previews of the latest hardware and software for the information technology professional has been able to get their hands on the latest smart phone creation by Motorola named the "Q". They have already done the work and have posted an in depth review on their site giving the phone an A+ for its sleek design, e-mail and web surfing capabilities, and the ability it has that it can be used with one hand. Moreover the review congratulates Motorola Q on its voice quality giving it the best Verizon phone they have tested. It also got props for its ability to transfer music via bluetooth.

However all was not well for the "Q", there were however some bugs that were found and mentioned in the review. Some of them included were - Music skipping while going through various phone features and not so good video taking capabilities. Moreover one of the aspects that goes against Verizon’s downfall is the service plan which is offered at $79.95, which PC Mag thinks will keep a lot of customers from buying this phone. Another feature that was missing from this smart phone is that it does not have Wifi.

Overall the reviewer liked the Q but due to the fact that it had so many bugs attached to it, they still prefer the Palm Treo 700p, where it was given the magazine's Editors Choice designation, an honor not given to the "Q".

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I HATED this phone, in hindsight...for two reasons. 1.) Clearly, this was a cheap knock off (AKA the K-Mart edition) of the ever so popular BlackBerry. 'Nuff said there. 2.) The battery life sucked! It was one of the biggest failures in smartphone history. One time, I got all of 4 hours of battery life out of the thing before it died. Granted that was due to an app running in the background but C'MON!! The display wasn't even on! What a joke!

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