Friday, May 19, 2006

Mobile phone theft costing UK 390 million pounds/year

Theft of mobile phones is costing U.K. consumers 390 million pounds every year, with one phone stolen every 12 seconds. That stat comes from Halifax Home Insurance, which published a report this week that goes on to say that thieves are even snatching phones from victims' hands as they walk down the street. The report identified Lancaster as Britain's mobile phone theft hotspot last year, with Wirral & Chester then Coventry following. In addition to the stats showing mobile phone theft, the report mentioned that more expensive devices are being targeted in the Essex towns of Romford and Illford.
I've seen a number of videos from the U.K. where a person in a mobile phone costume runs by, grabs a mobile phone from someone else, and slam that person to the ground. I had no idea that theft of mobile phones was this common, though. What's most interesting is that mobile phones are the hot ticket in the U.K., whereas in the U.S. the hot ticket seems to be an iPod.

I wonder what the mobile phone theft statistics are in the States?

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