Friday, May 19, 2006

Microsoft Announces New Employee Perks

(Employee Perk = Vacation at the Bahamas)

As the software giant GOOGLE continues to grow with time, this has created a scary situation for rival MICROSOFT who has decided that it will provide some various additional perks to its employees in order to keep them happy as they work for MICROSOFT.

  • The plan, dubbed "myMicrosoft," would improve training for managers, clarify internal career paths and increase child care and tuition benefits. New services on the Redmond campus will include dry-cleaning, convenience stores, grocery delivery and upgraded dining options -- such as Wolfgang Puck takeout.
  • In addition, Microsoft said it will give top-performing employees an opportunity to receive larger amounts of company stock as part of their compensation. Stock awards to employees are expected to go up 15 percent as a result, the company said.
  • The company said it would revive the laundered towel service used by employees who shower at work after playing sports and commuting by bike.

There are various other employee benefits that will be provided to the employees, but could all this keep MICROSOFT employees at MICROSOFT.

Microsoft Announces New Employee Perks


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