Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Menu Pics Revealed Fake by Bungie

Bungie have commented on the "leaked" photos that are currently circulating around of the Halo 3 game menu. Bungie is saying they are fake and also issuing a stern warning to anyone else who tries something similar.
Here's the deal, folks.

The longstanding policy that in these forums that leaked information is not allowed stands. However, we're tightening the restrictions a bit.

There's a lot of jerks out there that are going to try to get attention by faking "leaked Halo 3 information." A good example would be that "leaked" Halo 3 start menu that people are fruitlessly freaking out about as I write this.

The fact of the matter is that the people that know whether leaks are real or not, namely myself or anyone else that actually works at Bungie, do not have time to go through the forums, watching for leaked content. Nor do we have the time to reply to every stupid rumor you hear with a yay or nay to its veracity. With exception to Ninja on Fire, the rest of the moderators know just as much as you do about development. That means that, with some fakes, they won't be able to tell, just as you won't.

So, we're changing the rule to make it easier on the moderators that don't have an inside track at Bungie.

Any poster that provides any information they claim to be "leaked" will be blacklisted from the forums without the option of appeal. This includes:

Links to alleged screenshotsLinks or pasted documents that are alleged descriptions of gameplay, scripts, or whatever.Any attempt to claim to have "insider information" into the development of Halo 3, or Bungie Studios in general.

The exception to the rule is discussion about rumors mentioned in magazines or reputable websites. "Websites" does not include forums. Posting what you read in constitutes rumormongering and will be treated the same as someone trying to start a rumor from scratch: Blacklisting.


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