Thursday, May 18, 2006

MacBook Features and Photo Gallery

Apple users were quite pleased as Apple has launched its new line of MacBook's series notebooks with faster speeds and bigger screens. There have been numerous picture galleries that were launched as the MacBook laptops were unveiled as well as some noteworthy comments that were made about the new MacBook series notebooks.

Todd Benjamin, Apple's director of portable devices worldwide product marketing made some interesting comments on the new notebook. He said, "The performance improvement in these systems over the preceding [G4] systems is dramatic".

More over Apple has also added a glossy screen at no additional charge; Todd Benjamin had this to say about the glossy screen:
  • "We say glossy because when you look at the screens you'll see a glossy appearance. It means colours are much richer, they look great".

However there are some Apple users who were not quite happy with the glossy screen and had some complaints regarding the screen.

More over Apple has created a comparison site which makes it easy to buy an Apple laptop.

The MacBook has been designed to provide its user with relatively easy access to the MacBook's memory slots as well as the user replaceable hard drive.

  • Flipping a MacBook upside down and removing its rectangular lithium-polymer battery reveals two RAM slots, placed side-by-side on one wall of the battery cavity.....Below the two RAM slots (at the base of the battery cavity) is where you'll find the MacBook's hard disk drive.
  • Without disassembling the notebook, users will be able to quickly removing some protective aluminum shielding and lift the drive out of the computer.

Take a look at the following photo gallery, it will give you a good inside look at the new MacBook.


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