Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lessons to learn for Startups

Paul Graham, who comes out with essays on various topics including entrepreneurship, Startups, PC etc has now wrote another essay which will help Startups named "The Hardest Lessons for Startups to Learn".
  • There are several reasons it pays to get version 1 done fast. One is that this is simply the right way to write software, whether for a startup or not. I've been repeating that since 1993, and I haven't seen much since to contradict it. I've seen a lot of startups die because they were too slow to release stuff, and none because they were too quick. [1]
  • One of the things that will surprise you if you build something popular is that you won't know your users. Reddit now has almost half a million unique visitors a month. Who are all those people? They have no idea. No web startup does. And since you don't know your users, it's dangerous to guess what they'll like. Better to release something and let them tell you.

Some of these tips are very helpful especially if you have or are planning on starting a startup company.

The Hardest Lessons For Startups To Learn


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