Monday, May 08, 2006

Intel names its new line of Chips

Intel has finally announced names for their new set of desktop and notebook processor lines, the new set of chips for both desktop and laptop processor lines will be named "Core 2 Duo", whereas their new "premium processor" for high end desktop users will be called the "Core 2 Extreme".

Many companies are doing similar -- the goal is to emphasize the company brand name over the individual product names.

Intel had the problem that "Pentium" had such high brand recognition that it was difficult to move away from it, and after a while having products like "Pentium D" got very silly & confusing. They could create a new product brand but then they're starting at zero and they would just create the same problem again in the future. Instead they put that money behind "Intel" by picking a rather generic product names.

Intel brands new desktop, laptop chips


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