Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How to write a good quality e-mail

Matt May over a Blue Flavored Blog has some tips on how to write a good e-mail which will give you a productive output. Shortness is the key when writing an e-mail.
  • Getting a lot of responses asking, "What do you mean?" Context is your problem. When you're asking a question, anticipate any missing details that could cause an extended back-and-forth. Each time someone sends you a reply, you've gone to the back of that person's line. Do what you can to make your emails count the first time.
  • And for god's sake, have a subject line. One that makes sense. Some of the most important emails I've received didn't have a subject, and they almost fell through as a result. Don't waste that space with words like "Important" or "Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:". If the topic changes, change the subject line to match it. Remember that on recipients' screens, your subject competes with a large number of others for their attention.

Email: an author’s guide [Blue Flavored]


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