Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How to Help Someone through the Grieving Cycle

It is always hard to see a loved one going through a grieving phase in their life; moreover it is especially hard to help someone through their grieving cycle. Grieving is a loss of some kind; it can be due to a death of a loved one, a financial constraint, or any other problem that’s puts you in this grieving phase. eHow has created a post with some tips on how you can help someone who undergoes this phase in their life.

Some of them include -

  • Allow the person to talk about his grief and express his feelings.
  • Be patient with the grieving person's changeable moods.
  • Give the person as much time as he needs to grieve.
  • Offer suggestions of what you could do to help.

How To Comfort A Grieving Person [eHow]


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