Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Helio Launches its new Cell Phone

Helio which has recently unveiled it new MVNO Helio phone with service starting at $85, $100, and $135 a month is a great phone for people of all ages. Not only does the phone have great service and looks cool but it also comes with a lot of notable features.

Some noteworthy features:
  • Myspace Incorporation: You will be able to post pictures directly to you Myspace account, also having the ability to write, read mails and blog (That’s one of my favorite features) you also have the ability to add new friends and view profiles.
  • Unlimited Data: Unlimited picture and text messaging, data transfer, 3G network access, wireless internet, video streaming, and Myspace access.

Some other notable feature:

  • 3D Games: Buy it for $5.99, or try it for a week at $0.99.
  • Streaming and downloading video from: ABC, ABC News, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Sports, FUEL TV, IGN, MTV Networks’ brands including COMEDY CENTRAL, IFILM, Logo, MTV, Spike TV and VH1, Ripe TV, RocketBoom, Speed, StupidVideos.com, and WireImage.com.
  • Choose from a variety of cool looking phones: You have the ability to choose from Hero or the Kickflip (Picture above).

This would be "The Phone" that people of young ages as well as adults would crave to have, the only thing here is that all these services have to work well. If you are looking on buying a phone with such kind of a service Helio phones as well as their service is on sale now.

Helio [via Gizmodo]


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