Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Halo 3, HD-DVD, and Bill G

Microsoft who came out with big news at this years E3 Expo at the Los Angeles convention center, first entertainment head "Peter Moore" shocked us with the news that "Grand Theft Auto 4" will be unveiled for Xbox 360, with exclusive online content for Xbox live.

As Microsoft continued an expected Halo 2 teaser trailer appeared at the end of the conference titled only to say "2007".

Microsoft also announced a HD-DVD player accessory, in Xbox white which will become available "this holiday season," plus a wireless steering wheel, a wireless headset, and a webcam.

Then Bill Gates made an appearance (This would be his first appearance at E3) to announce Live Anywhere, a combination of both Xbox Live and Windows Live. The cross-platform initiative will let gamers be connected across Xbox, Windows (via MSN Messenger), and Windows Mobile phones, viewing their stats, customizing cars for later play, and inviting friends to cut out of work. Microsoft who is one of the software giants definitely takes the cake when bringing different technologies together, very well done.

[via: cnet]


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