Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Get fit fast!

Everyone likes to stay fit no matter what age they are, however staying fit comes at a price. A lot of hard work and dedication is required when it comes to exercising and eating, in order to stay fit. Frank Horwill from The Serpentine Running Club has provided us with a detailed guide on how to stay in great shape. Each method discussed are totally different, so get ready to use your mind.

  • Run 100 metres 3 seconds slower than your best at the distance eg best 100 metres time = 14 seconds + 3 seconds = 17 seconds. Recover by lying on the ground with the feet elevated on a bench until the pulse rate returns to 120 beats a minute within 90 seconds. Allowing the pulse to register 20 beats for 10 seconds will suffice. The 100 metre runs continue every time the pulse reaches 120bpm until the pulse fails to reach 120bpm within 90 seconds. This might be after 10 x 100 metres or 30 x 100 metres. The session must cease when the pulse fails to recover to the required time limit.

Did this give your mind and body a good workout, if this did not do the work look at the following link to get a complete workout.

Want to get fit quickly?


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