Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Get bumped to first class

I know most you out there including myself have a dream of someday flying first class especially on a long flight (8 hours or more) even a short flight will do after all it’s the whole experience that counts, but don't have the change to do so. wikiHow has some ways that you can try next time you fly that will bump you to first class without having the need to spend that type of cash.

Follow these steps:
  • Dress smart and arrive as late as possible. There are plenty of flyers who believe in getting to the airport as early as possible in the hopes of either asking the counter agent for an upgrade or asking the gate agent for an upgrade. This does not usually work. However, if you do arrive late, tell the airline it is because of a terrible experience you had with their competitor.
  • An oversold flight – Typically airlines overbook flights and hope that some passengers will simply not show. If, however, there are more passengers than seats in coach, your best chance to be upgraded is to get assigned a seat towards the front of the aircraft. If there are no seats left and the flight is oversold, you may also be asked to volunteer to take a later fight. This would also mean compensation but of course not necessarily a first class upgrade.
  • Book directly with the airline. When you book directly with the airline, there is the possibility of also adding an OSI to your record. If you are a travel agent, travel writer, or event planner, it certainly won’t hurt your chances.

Best of luck, and Bon Voyage!!

How to Get an Upgrade to First Class


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