Monday, May 08, 2006

Firefox Web developer extensions

Being a Web Developer is serious business, since you have to be up to par with the latest programming languages, it also requires using the best of tools. This is when this comes in handy "Firefox" the most popular browser and also the most used browser has a lot of Firefox extensions for developers on their developer’s page. Those are usually updated before the Firefox Add-ons site. All of the extensions discussed work in Firefox or above.

If you are a web developer just like me these tools will be of some help -

  1. The Firefox Web developer extension – is by far the most useful tool for Web development using Firefox. This toolbar is packed full of useful web testing tools. It can outline page elements, display the size of images, display CSS and form data, disable certain elements on a page, and more.
  2. Aardvark Extension – Are you tired of using border:1px solid #000; to debug weird CSS behavior. Well this extension doesn’t completely eliminate the need for the border trick, but it sure does help. Aardvark allows you to you a visible border around items on the page while displaying their id and/or class.
  3. Fang – This extension creates a textual representation of a web page similar to how the page would be read by a modern screen reader.

There are other great extensions but for that you have to visit the web site.

Firefox Extensions For Web Development


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