Wednesday, May 17, 2006

File-sharing software blamed for leaking data

This would be the second incident that targets Japan's energy industry in a year, a PC which has file sharing software installed on it has been the target for leaking sensitive infrastructure data to the Internet from the company's facility.

A firm hired to handle the physical security at the Chubu Electric Power Company leaked critical information on the operating procedures and the location of critical areas of a thermal power plant, after a PC with access to that information had a file sharing software installed on it, according to Japan Times.

Last June, a virus had infected a computer at a nuclear power plant and about 40MB of critical information had been leaked, according to the reports.

U.S. energy industry has also been the target of information leakage by sending in viruses using computers. In 2003, the slammer worm penetrated a private computer network at Ohio's Davis Besse nuclear power plant and disabled a safety monitoring system for almost five hours.

In spite of all these incidents, the energy sector has been very slow to adopt plans to increase their security. The company has become very concerned over the lack of security kept in these power plants and will be initiating efforts to tighten security in the future.


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