Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Epson continues action against third party cartridge sales

In the ongoing quest to stop all third parties from selling ink for its printers, Seiko Epson managed to get another four retailers to stop stocking such items. This time, the four companies are in Germany and include GEPOC Gesellschaft fur Polymerchemie, BWD Computer, Tintenshop Lohne, and Tinten-Toner Vertrieb.

This latest out of court settlement with the four companies follows Epson's complaints against 24 companies earlier this year. The companies are situated in North America and the U.K., but other settlements have been reached following earlier action last year, with companies in Hong Kong and again in the U.K.

Epson made it clear it is happy for competition in the ink cartridge market as long as that competition is licensing its technology. This action is against organizations it sees as infringing on Seiko Epson intellectual property and selling goods license free.

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