Friday, May 12, 2006

Effectively handle meetings

Meetings something that has become a part of the corporate world, without meetings we would not know what our goals for the year are, or what are objectives for the next project would be. However many people attend meetings on a daily basis, after a while a person gets burnt sitting in meetings after meetings. Bert Webb has come up with some excellent tips when dealing with meetings at the office. The first advice is to se if there is an agenda and to see if you really need to be there.
  • I resent being required to be in meetings where I have nothing to contribute, my areas of responsibility are not involved, and nothing that I am responsible for is assigned. These are a waste of my time and my employer’s money. I try to avoid meetings where decisions don’t affect me or my areas of responsibility. If my contribution to the meeting is tangential, I contact the meeting organizer and try to either move my agenda point to the beginning (where I can contribute and then leave like most of the NBC’s Tonight Show’s first guests) or solidify my agenda point time so I can show up close to the appropriate time

Meeting Best Practices


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