Friday, May 26, 2006

Drivers Ignore Cell Phone Laws

England a country, where cell phones have been banned while driving: however most of its citizens do not follow the law and break it periodically. 50% of the driving population do not follow the rule, talking while driving is one hazard, not only does it put you at risk, but it puts other drivers on risk as well as there are chances you might go off the road and sway into a different lane.

It comes to me as a surprise that 75% of the population of drivers support the law and want those who violate this rule should be punished. Now that we think about it, we all ignore traffic laws when it comes to driving on the speed limit, coming to a complete stop when you approach a STOP sign and crossing when the light is still yellow, so I can say this is just an extension of the growing driver apathy.

Christopher Null from Yahoo! Tech has a post on how driving while chatting on the cell phone is dangerous no only to you but also to your fellow drivers.
  • Studies have shown that it's not the looking away from the road to dial a number that makes driving with a cell phone so dangerous. Rather, it's the concentration required to focus on a conversation with someone not in the vehicle that distracts the driver enough to make him a real menace behind the wheel.
  • Hand-free devices don't make you any safer while driving.

Does your county or state ban cell phones while driving? And do people actually follow the law?


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