Wednesday, May 31, 2006

DIY Project: Battery Powered USB Charger

Instructables a site that provides you with step by step instructions on DIY projects has another interesting project. This time they have come up with a way of making your own small USB charger.

This is by far the most detailed instructions provided by Instructables to under take a project. However don't let the detail of the instructions bog your mind, let this be a challenge, start your project with an open mind. This charger will give you 1 full recharge to an iPod video, 5 recharges to the shuffle, and 1.5 recharges for the mini - As you will be using AA batteries this would be beneficial in a situation where you can't use your charger, for example – If you are stuck on a long flight, or are camping on a camp sight that does not have any electricity.

MintyBoost! - Small battery-powered USB charger [Instructables]


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