Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Details on the Nokia 5500 sport smartphone

The Moscow-based Mobile-Review website always seems to get its hands on the latest devices well before others, and it has the first review of the upcoming Nokia 5500 smartphone that was just announced on May 10.

The Nokia 5500 is a S60 Third Edition smartphone targeted at the active person with its tough casing and integrated pedometer 3D sensor. The device looks well designed and rugged with some interesting features such as the different color lights on the navigational pad, screw-on battery cover, rubberized keypad, and smaller display than commonly found on smartphones (208x208 pixels). Memory expansion is provided with a microSD card slot located under the battery. It has a Bluetooth 2.0 radio for good wireless connectivity, with the exception of A2DP. I would think A2DP would be a perfect fit for a device designed for the athlete who wants a cordless music experience.

The sports applications are very interesting, and I think my wife would love to work out with this phone.

Thanks to All About Symbian for the link.


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